Travelling the World , one cruise at a time!

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Travelling the World, 1 cruise at a time.

Travelling the World, 1 cruise at a time.Travelling the World, 1 cruise at a time.Travelling the World, 1 cruise at a time.

About Me


I have decided to get to the point. 

We all live in an incredibly busy world, whether it be at work, your family or your social life, people are busy.

I bring to you,  my 5 themed blog posts.

5 quick points to read,  usually a Cruise based topic. 

Short, sharp and to the point, giving you 5 tips, 5 ideas, 5 things not to miss, all for less than 5 mins of your time!

I have a decade of cruising experience under my belt.  I  have  cruised mostly with P&O cruises  and  once  with  Cunard. So far I’ve spent nearly 300 nights at sea. 

I am a member of CLIA  #choosecruise club ( a club for Cruise influencers and Bloggers working with Cruise Lines International Association to promote cruising  to  those  who  have  not  tried  it  yet!)  I  am   passionate about  sharing  the positives of the cruise way of life.

Follow my Instagram account to see photographs of my travels!

In everyday life I am a Specialist Nurse, working  in London. For  the  past  16  years  I have had  the honour  of  working   with  bereaved Families, sick patients, people’s whos lives are changed in a split second. I chose to live every moment of life to the fullest to honour all these fantastic people who don’t get that luxury. As long as I am healthy and earning money, I shall be cruising the world!

I’m Welsh, married and cruise with my Husband, parents or both!

Please do read  my  blog  and  follow  me  on  social media.. Mostly cruised themed  posts, there will be the occasional wildcard, just to mix things up!

Think hotel review, meal review or book review.

Thank  you  for  reading!


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